Gianni Govoni

The little Italian is a fiery rider, the Maserati so to speak among world class athletes. Govoni always goes full speed, following the motto no risk, no fun. But even the successful Italian has had to get over setbacks. For example, his top horse Love Affair died in the box during a world ranking jumping competition. Back to the success: Govoni is one of the winning riders of the Global Champions Tour, the formula 1 in show jumping. Rio, Monaco, Cannes and Arezzo are his top stops.

Gianni Govoni inherited his love for equestrian sports from his father and uncle. As early as his teenage years, he participated in international competitions. As a professional, he started at two Olympic Games, three World Championships, ten European Championships, one World Cupfinal and tournaments too many to list. To the team he contributes his joie de vivre, high levels of serenity and large quantities of temperament.


Born 6th April 1967
Association Circolo Ippico la Secchia
Sponsor Alpenspan

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