Thomas Frühmann

Thomas Frühmann not only enjoys drinking good wines, he is like one himself ! His successes around the globe are legendary and even at 60 plus the Viennese-born Thomas hasn't given up riding much to his colleagues' astonishment. Frühmann is not only an exceptional riding athlete, he is also making his mark as an organiser. Previously, he put his spurs to the Horse Festival, he now stands for the holding of the Global Champions Tour on the town hall square in Vienna  the best show-jumping tournament that Austria has ever seen.

Thomas Frühmann holds many Austrian national titles in show jumping, won the silver medal in the team event at 1992’s Olympic Games, the tournament in Aachen, the World Cupfinals, several times at the German Springderby (“Show Jumping Derby”) and was the overall winner of the Riders Tour 2006. He spent two decades as a professional in Germany, won innumerable tournaments and yet has never lost his Viennese sense of humour in all his years in equestrian sports.


Born 23rd January 1951, Vienna
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