At a riding tournament a few years ago

Wolfgang Pirker, Alpenspan man for Johann Pabst Holzindustrie, talking to a very well-known course builder about the quality of round poles for obstacles. Disillusioned with the result, Pirker starts on the development of optimised poles together with the Pabst team. A short while later it is the globally recognised course builders Frank Rothenberger (Caro Parcour) and Olaf Petersen (Beck und Heun), who are snapping them up with enthusiasm.

Perfect Round Wood Poles

Finally, poles that do what they are meant to do! Poles made of mountain spruce, smooth, free of cracks, not twisted, perfectly finished. And with an excellently planed surface that makes painting extremely easy.

Round Wooden Poles On A Course For Success

Round wooden poles from the forests of Styria are conquering the important show jumping courses around the world! Traditional tournaments in Aachen and Vienna are on the list of references and since 2004 so are the Summer Olympic Games.

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