Use in the Riding Stable (Box, Pen)

  • Thorough cleaning of the ground.
  • Scattering of several bales (depending on the size of the scattering surface).
  • Each day dung pieces are to be removed and wet patches are to be taken out.
  • The amount of litter that has been removed is to be replaced.
  • Every 3 months, the entire litter is to be changed.

Treatment of the Mix of Horse Dung and Straw (Compost Heap)

  • Fresh dung and unrotted shavings are to be stored for at least a year before being put onto the fields as fertiliser (stable dung / compost heap removed daily).
  • The more fresh litter there is in the dung, the longer the period of storage / composting needs to be.
  • Appropriate airing and moistening of the compost heap is necessary.
  • Spreading of fresh dung (moderately rotted) in late summer or at the beginning of autumn.
  • Spreading of well rotted dung (stored compost) in spring.
  • Repeat spreading of horse dung with Alpenspan at intervals of at least 3 years.
  • The fertilising effect depends on the ratio of litter and horse dung and varies by nature.