How the Litter Works

Normal shavings make good litter, no doubt. But normal litter has to be changed every two months on average. This is different with Alpenspan exquisite: The box, connecting passage or run only need to be cleaned twice a year at most. The enzymes and bacteria added to the shavings create the ideal stall climate! The enzymes act as little assistants binding ammonia and thus prevent it from escaping into the air. Due to the long intervals between mucking-out, the cost for materials is reduced and the somewhat higher costs for the shavings are soon balanced out. The enormous reduction in the quantity of muck is another nice side effect. Characteristics that make Alpenspan exquisite an environmentally friendly product.

Less odour, fine organic muck

Elimination of ammonia, no sharp odour, less dust, reduction of the plague of flies in summer. In short: Alpenspan exquisite improves the stall climate. The litter becomes splendid, almost odour free organic muck, which, unlike other litter, can be spread on fields and meadows with no problem. Farmers report of an above average fertilising effect, which is proven by a high concentration of nutrients in the muck. This means: enzymes and bacteria have bound and transformed the ammonia.

Health-Promoting Mattress

Another advantage is the health-promoting effect of the exquisite, bioactive mattress formed by the Alpenspan. The health of hooves is improved, and the ligaments, tendons and joints of the fine creatures are subjected to less wear and tear, because the elasticity of the stall floor becomes very similar to that of a meadow.

Scattering Alpenspan exquisite

Scattering takes place after the stall has been cleaned. When scattering the base litter, use around 30 to 50 percent more than with conventional shavings. This guarantees excellent mattress formation. Pieces of horse dung are to be removed every day and extreme wet patches (these can be recognised by their reddish colouring) are to be taken out because the enzymes can be stifled by them. This occurs, for example, if horses always urinate on the same place or if a drinking trough leaks.

Technical data guaranteed according to ÖNORM 1030

Sack Size in cm 80 x 40 x 40
Weight 20 kg
Pack Volume 120 l
Bulk Volume 500 l
Water Content (max.) 11%
pH-Value of the Dung 7.8
Raw Material Used untreated spruce
Absorbency (min.) 300%
nitrogen (max.) 0.3%

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