Alessia Rossi

Alessia Rossi started riding horses at the early age of 6. Her family background had no part in it, but there was a huge passion for horses that never abated since. According to the Roman who, by the way, is married to a famous Argentinian football player and lives in Parma, horse riding is the second most important sport in Italy, topped only by football. The Italian already enjoyed success at the national level and also at international 3-star tournaments.

Alessia Rossi participates in Austrian events at least once every year, most often in Salzburg and stays in close contact with the team all year round. The Italian has, after all, become an important member. She owns seven horses and there are two ponies for the family’s children. Rossi is also involved in the riding club of her home town Parma and has organised several tournaments. Everybody at Alpenspan agrees on one thing: The Italian brings both temperament and a charming accent to the Styrian team - at the competitions and the celebrations afterwards.


Association Scuderia Principessa
Sponsor Alpenspan
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