Jasmin Pirker

“It runs in the family“ is a saying that definitely applies to Jasmin Pirker and her love for horses. Her mom being an outstandingly successful rider and dad being “Mr Alpenspan” himself, it is almost inevitable that she would develop an affinity towards horse riding. What’s more, Jasmin also has the talent and passion one cannot inherit or copy from one’s parents. According to Gudrun Pirker, she is “blessed with a healthy dose of ambition” yet doesn’t focus “on riding alone and has many interests.” Therefore, she didn’t tend to her first pony Noblesse alone, but together with a second girl. Thus, the young rider gradually learned what it means to be responsible for an animal. One thing is for sure: With Jasmin and Lena Binder, the next Alpenspan generation is already prepared for future challenges.


Association Reitclub Farrach
Sponsor Alpenspan
Horses Noblesse Oblige
Most important archievement 2016 National Quadrathlon Champion Beginners Single